Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new beginning...

Well...its just a beginning. Starting now and this moment on, I should be penning, or should I be saying typing, my thoughts onto this new blog-site that I call - spEAk yOUr mInd.

Now, many of you out there, may surely have a few questions in mind, such as
- So whats new with you (i.e. me) blogging? Everybody blogs, so whats NEW?
- And, whats with the title and why those vowels in caps?
- And, most importantly, "...dude...don't you have anything better to do?"

I said, a 'few' questions - cos' with these social websites coming up like FB, Orkut, PeerPower...blah blah blah...everybody feels that they have the 'Right to Intrude' into other ppls lives and pass comments. Anyways, thats not what I am talking about, at least not for starters. Let me attempt answering the questions.

The answer is plain and simple - I don't know - WHY. There is and would be nothing NEW and most of all - It is not that I have anything BETTER...I don't have NOTHING to do at all. As for the vowels in CAPS - don't they look good this way.

Now if that should satisfy you - OK, else...u na wat????

So, as I was saying, its just a I shall keep it brief and simple. spEAk yOUr mInd is all about speaking your mind, yeah, something that all of us do and should be doing (if not already!) on something, anything and/or everything in our daily lives including the past, present and the future. Its about all the issues, concerns, troubles and good things that happen or occur in our lives, issues that hurt us or make us happy, things that make us feel good, make us hope for better lives, better future...things that we need to stand up for, to exercise our right, to not just say, but do CARE about...and much more. Many a time in our lives, we (including me, of course) say and do things, that we do not understand why? Yet we go ahead and say and do it. Why?

spEAk yOUr mInd - is aimed at kindling those feelings - deep within, inert, heartfelt...that makes us say and do things - sometimes silently and sometimes...violently. Simply put, its just another platform or should I say express ourselves better. Somebody else - a pen is mightier than the sword...for me...its time to test that through a keyboard.

I hope all of you...who are going to...either accidentally or forcefully...visit my blog...enjoy the content and comment on it. Would try to make it as light as possible, but be open to some serious, contentious and controversial deliberations and discussions on topics, issues and things that MATTER to all of us and to people around us.

As I said...its just another BEGINNING.


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